Waves and wormholes – More physics based daydreaming

I was talking with a friend not to long ago, and he mentioned how he
has occasionally felt or saw a mesh/netting/fabric that he believed
represented the universe… I do have to admit that I have sensed
something similar a few times… Anyway, the topic came up from us
originally talking about how certain sound waves/frequencies do some
interesting things to people.  He made the point that everything
is a wave and thus affected by vibrations. 

I’d like to expand on the mesh/fabric belief, slightly, though.  I
think of the mesh more like a 3d grid/sphere… Metaphorically
speaking, think of a combination of Swiss cheese and an onion.   So… why a 3d object?

Well, I think what he meant by a mesh really represents distance and
space.  Think about everything happening at this exact moment as a
plane (in the geometric sense).  Each point on the plane would
represent an event or more precisely object.  All of the planes
would combine to make up a 3d object, in order to accommodate the notion of time.  Thus, my metaphor reference
to an onion.  So where the hell does Swiss cheese fit in?

I’m still working out all of the conceptual details, but I figure that
gravity has to fit in the picture, somewhere.  Physics says that
the more massive an object, the more gravity it has.  So… each item on the plane would have gravity and that
gravity could disrupt/interact with the other planes.  It could even create
a hole or path between some of the layers.  Mathematics has many
equations (sqrt(n), ln(n),
etc.. ) to show this.  Otherwise, if you need something more
conceptual, think of a bowling ball resting on a bed.  This is
where I pull in the notion of Swiss cheese… figure gravity is warping
the space/time continuum in ways that we don’t really know how to
utilize right now. 

Think about this, though… say an object exists with gravity strong
enough to warp the mesh enough to create a tunnel between some
layers.  Then think that the object at the center of the
distortion doesn’t really exist at all, or it exists in another
dimension.  Only the gravity distortion exists.  That way,
objects that travel through the gravity created vortex wouldn’t collide
with a super massive (and probably very tiny) object.  Since there
is no object to hit, an object that enters the vortex could exit the
other side at the same velocity.  In effect, it would be a way
shortcut time and space, or as most people have termed it, a wormhole

The major fault in this logic is that the super massive object doesn’t
really exist.  Either that or there must be a way to create
extremely large amounts of gravity without the mass requirement. 
It might also be possible that once the tunnel is created, it could
sustain it’s form solely from the structure of the layers themselves (without the requirement of extreme gravity)…