Are blogs replacing traditional diaries?

I personally think that diaries are a has been… I never got into
writing in a diary, when I was younger, cause I just didn’t like the
act of writing… It’s not that I disliked putting my thoughts down, I
just didn’t enjoy using a pencil/pen to record those thoughts. 
Now things have changed… I can type pretty fast (around 100 words a
minute I would guess), so I can throw my thoughts down fairly
quickly.  Plus, who wants to look through old notebooks?  I’d
rather browse the virtual pages… and having search functionality
improves usability dramatically…  And spellchecker… I would be
a mess without it.

The anonymity of the diary sort of exists… when I started this blog,
I told no one.  All of the people who read this stumbled across it
on their own.  Creating this blog in that fashion allowed me to
pour my thoughts out without a care in the world.  I didn’t (and
largely still don’t) know who reads this.  So, the effect was
similar to keeping a notebook in the solitude of a bedroom…

On another note, I really think that pen pals have been phased out,
also.  I never had a pen pal, but I could imagine writing bs to
someone in a different country… now, I think that practice has been
replaced with forums, IM, and email.

That said, I am changing my life.  Probably more appropriate would
be for me to say that I’m changing my lifestyle.  I will provide
more details as the time becomes more appropriate.