Violence vs. sex

If you had a choice of what you would let your kids see, would it be violence or sex?

The American culture chooses to show violence to the shapeable youth
(and the rest of the population, for that matter)… apparently sex is
so taboo that the media would rather show us footage of a 14 year old
boy shooting a store clerk that asked him to leave… Not to mention
all of the movies that Hollywood pumps out… they’re all littered with
extremely violent scenes.  Look what it does to our society…
we’re fixated on violence around the world.  We have to have a
constant “war” in order to put the blame on others… If it’s not the
middle east, it’s the elusive terrorists… Guess what, the terrorists
are winning… they’re taking up the majority of TV air time… they on
everyone’s minds.  And the terror war will never conclude unless
the visible forces concede.

Now… think if sex wasn’t such a weird subject to talk about… Along
with the videos, that kids watch in health class, that show what a
penis and vagina are, I’d like to see schools teach some useful
information regarding sex.  Show real life cases of all of the
STDs.   Let the kids know all of the ways they can protect
themselves.  Show all birth control options and teach them not to
be afraid to buy/use them.  Show videos of how to please each
gender.  And I’m not saying just the quick blow job, but show them
that there is a sensual aspect as well.  Describe how it’s
possible to extend the sexual activities for hours… and yes, it’s
possible to do that for both genders…

What bad could come from that?  More people could actually have
good sex and be better educated about the negatives of sex.

And if you’re still not convinced about how much of a taboo sex is in
the American society, notice what happens if you accidentally bring up
a picture of a boob at work.  For some people, it’s about as bad
as closing the browser, scanning the room to make sure no one saw,
shutting down the OS, formatting the HD, and burning the
monitor…  maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean… people
freak out when something accidentally pops up on their screen.  

To me, this should change… Sex should be an open subject and violence shouldn’t have the celebrity status that it has now.