Budapest (round 2)

Last night we went out in Pest after a full day of walking
around.  We went to a really neat outdoor beer garden.  Then
we ended up at a dorm party, which was sort of weird.  I talked to
a girl from Germany for a while and she could not understand why we
chose Budapest for a vacation destination.  She said something
like “it’s so dirty here…”  and I do have to admit that it
smells like piss more than any other city that I’ve been to. Anyway,
she is studying here for university and was very friendly. 

Again, I cannot get over how beautiful the girls are here.  Even
the non native girls are nice looking.  I could really see myself
living in eastern europe.  Other than that, this city seems a
little more relaxed than Amsterdam and some other cities.  Maybe
it is just because we’re here during the week.

Today we toured Buda…  We walked all around some monuments and
got some nice views of Pest.  Buda is pretty hilly, so it has a
nice vantage point of the rest of the city.  Once I can find a
fast enough internet cafe, I’ll post some pictures that have been
accumulating on my camera.  Most of the internet cafes are
slow.  The last one I was at was part of a yarn shop and I
couldn’t post a picture without the connection timing out. 
Hopefully things get better for that, with our luck with cameras

Also, we decided not to go to Vienna.  That way, we’ll get more
time in Budapest and Prague.  We’ll be taking a train from
Budapest to Prague on Thursday.

Well, I’m off to go taste some Goulash…


Update: Here is a video of us going up a tram on the Buda side, overlooking Pest.