Budapest (Take 3)

So yesterday, we went to a really nice local park.  It was
basically an island in the Danube river and the park encompassed the
entire island.  There were a couple hotels toward the north
of the park, but we didn’t go there.  We rented some electric
cars and drove around most of the island.  we were even able
to explore some ruins of a very old church.  

I woke
up pretty early today (around 7:45 or so) and decided to go for a nice
run.  That sucked… my lungs must still have Amsterdam
goodness in them cause they seemed a little
irritated.  Anyway, Phil and I had some cappuccino, a light
breakfast pastry and then headed to the train station to pickup our
Prague tickets.  We’re scheduled to leave at 6:00am tomorrow,
so we’ll just stay up all night and sleep on the train.  It’s
about a 7 hour ride so we should get to Prague right in the afternoon.

far as today goes, I’m going to go to a spa for a swim and Thai
massage.  I’ve never had a Thai massage before, so hopefully
it helps more than it hurts.  btw, I”m currently at a “fast”
internet cafe.  A 256kbps leased line for 50 pcs…. it sucks to
upload pictures

Other than that, I’ve been thinking
about what it would take to live in Europe for a while.  I
guess it’ll depend on how much I like Prague, to see if I should
investigate it further.  I really like the culture here,
opposed to the American culture.  The people seem to take
much more joy in their life and aren’t so strict with work.  
For instance, it doesn’t seem like there is a time limit for
lunch.  Relax, eat comfortably and return to work when you
want to.  That’s just one of many examples…

Anyway, if you’re ever in Budapest and you’re interested in staying at an apartment, give this one a try.

Dora Draganel
Reservation Manager
Budapest 1052 Aranykez Str. 6. 6th floor/64.

It is near the Casino Las Vegas and the Sofitel hotel