Setting up a LLC in Wisconsin

I setup a LLC this past year and after seeing this article for Illinois, I figured it would be worth describing the steps for how to set up a Limited Liability Company in Wisconsin.  I am not a lawyer and I’m just providing this as information.  Please consult a lawyer and or a CPA before following these steps.

  1. For a good starting point, it’s worth looking through the docs on this site.
  2. File an Articles of Organization (Chapter 183) with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.  I did mine using an online form and it only cost $130.
  3. After that has been processed, it was determined that I should get an Employer ID Number (aka. EIN or Tax ID #).  Among other things, this is so that I could open a bank account in the name of the business.  Again, I used an online form (SS-4) to get my EIN.
  4. There are several options for the entity type with common options including sole proprietorship, disregarded entity, or partnership.  Again, it’s worth asking your CPA or lawyer for their advice on that.
  5. Now I opened my bank account for the business.  In general, banks require the Articles of Organization and EIN in order to open up an account.

That about sums it up.  After all of that is taken care of, it’s time to work on generating some income 🙂